Avoid scars

One main reason that men and women do not make plastic surgery, even if they want it or need it, is their scar fear. Anyway, the most important part of the plastic surgery is a beautiful result. What is the reason for entering a plastic process, if it is finally an unwanted scar or a big and ugly sign?

A good plastic surgeon is trained to achieve a very nice result. For this reason, the signs that remain will be much less than making a non-plastic surgery. The experienced surgeon knows where to make the incisions to look as small as possible and to heal faster. Complete removal of gums after surgery is impossible. However, a good plastic will do everything to leave as few as possible!

What causes the scars?

There will be no scar if the wound is on the top layer of your skin. But if the wound is deeper, the work that needs to be done by the body to heal is much more. Initially, collagen is produced and the wound heals from the cells that provide skin elasticity. The function of collagen for tissues is that of glue. The result of the tissue that has been repaired is likely to resist color or texture from the surrounding skin. Thus, the appearance of a completely cured incision will be either darker or red. Instead, an older mark may be white or even silver. For most people, the scar is not a desirable and liked effect.

What Is The Way To Avoid scars?

As stated above, there is no way to completely prevent scars after plastic surgery. The body has its own way of repairing, which results in the appearance of gums, regardless of the treatment you choose to do. Soon the mark will be less visible, as long as the collagen that was produced during the treatment is broken. However, ways to reduce the appearance of scars are many.

Selection of the appropriate plastic surgeon

The best way to avoid a very visible scar, is the right choice for the surgeon to do the surgery. An experienced plastic surgeon, applying good technique during surgery, will reduce the damage that could be caused to the tissue. It will also use subcortical sutures that are absorbable by the body.

Where will the cut take place?

The plastic surgeon is trained to hide the signs and knows where the body can be cured more quickly, such as the eyelids and the lower part of the hands. In addition, the incisions are made in less visible spots or parallel to the folds of the skin. For example, in the facelift process, the plastic should make the cuts as close as possible to the line that starts your hair.

What is the predisposition of the body?

Some people by their nature make great scars. If, after surgery or injury, you have obviously developed a severe scar, it is very important to tell your surgeon. He may know an alternative of a non-surgical nature that will of course not have the same effects as plastic surgery, but it will fit more closely into your body and will not leave any scars or visible signs.

How will you take care of your body after surgery?

After the procedure of a plastic surgery, your surgeon and you too, you have to pay close attention to the incision. You should take care to be properly treated to avoid possible complications. It is important to avoid pulling or stretching the healing area. Your activities need to be minimal. If you adhere to the above and keep the wound clean and free from infections, you will avoid creating very visible marks.

The method of silicone tape

This is a very new method used by surgeons to reduce large marks. Silicone tape prevents more collagen production, as it creates a liquid but safe environment in order to heal the wound. It is usually used in the most invasive procedures, but it is good to talk about this method beforehand with your plastic surgeon.

Alternative non-surgical treatments

Have scars been created after the plastic surgery you did? There are alternative, non-surgical treatments that will help reduce or even completely eliminate these signs. There is a cure known as IPL or photoreduction. This method will eliminate the redness of the scars and will also help in their faster treatment. Another method that is used is microtargeting. During this treatment, the skin is smoothed and facilitates the scar

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