The eyes as many say are the mirror of the soul. From our childhood we look at others in the eyes because it is very important for human contact and communication. Looking at one’s eyes, we can understand a lot about the man we have before us. However, the eyes can often lie about our age, because in many cases they add years to us.

The skin that surrounds the eyes is thinner and more delicate than the rest of the skin. This is precisely why it is the first sign that shows the passage of time over us. The known leg of goose there are cases that can make its appearance even under the age of 35. Year after year the subcutaneous fat is reduced and thus our look seems empty.

Another important problem is the relaxation that makes us look many years over our real age. It can also cause operational problems such as lowering the quality of our eyesight. As you can see, there are plenty of reasons for making a decision to visit a specialist plastic surgeon. The methods through which you can choose are many, surgical and non-surgical. But surely whatever you choose will give you a youthful look and make you look younger years younger.


Probably many of us have heard jokes about the botox. In the minds of men, it has been impressed that this treatment makes the face appear incomprehensible and frozen. But this fact is just another legend. Botox is one of the safest ways to treat wrinkles and certainly the most reliable.

With a very small amount of the specific substance of the preparation at various points of the face, we reduce the contraction of the muscles that cause the wrinkles. Only a few months after treatment these tiny muscles relax and make the wrinkles disappear. The botox is a very fast process with a short recovery time. Something to remember is that this injectable treatment is not permanent. Its duration is from 3 to 5 months and after this time you can repeat the process.

After receiving a Botox therapy you should avoid face massage and the surrounding body parts. Massaging the injected areas can put you at risk of moving the Botox and contaminating the unwanted areas. The best scenario would be arranging your massage therapy session before receiving the Botox injections.


The area around the eyes is one of the first places that time affects. The sensitive skin nature of this area hangs and relaxes earlier than the rest of the facial skin. Apart from aesthetic reasons, there are also several cases where this relaxation causes vision problems. Blepharoplasty is therefore a very common and widespread process that gives immediate solution to the problem.

Blepharoplasty is divided into that of the upper eyelids and that of the lower eyelids. The former achieves removal of excess fat and clamping of the upper eyelids. With the second we remove the bags and improve the outline of the eyes. We can proceed with the interventions separately, or if there is a bigger problem of blepharoplasty over and eyelids together. The result in all cases is amazing and makes the look look youthful and relaxing.

The recovery time from surgery depends on each organism, but it usually takes a week to ten days. Blepharoplasty does not leave any scars or marks, since the incisions occur in the natural aspects of the eye.


Fillers are the best allies in the war against bags under the eyes. The results are really impressive !! With the passage of time the fat under the skin of the face subsides. So we slowly lose youthful shine and vigor. This has the effect of creating the well-known bags and black circles under the eyes.

Our look begins to look tired. This problem comes to cope with the skin fillers that fill again the area that has indulged in the necessary and useful fat. The plastic surgeon administers using the special injection the fillers, around the eyes. It shapes the area and makes it more full and smooth. With the specialized use of approved formulations we can give you your youthful face again and take several years off your face.

Because there are many types of fillers, the right person to give you advice on the best for your case is your plastic surgeon. Do not hesitate to contact Dr. Tsakonis for any questions about the methods mentioned above. And remember that if our eyes are the mirror of our soul, then after a treatment with the above techniques will make your soul and your eyes many years younger.

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