Myths about plastic surgery

Do not be fooled by the usual misinterpretations around plastic surgeries. It is not the privilege of the famous or the rich, nor is it the secret of happiness. Before we make a visit to the plastic surgeon, it is important to separate the imagination from reality. This article will unravel the mystery of things that cause confusion unnecessarily.

Is Plastic Surgery and Aesthetic Surgery Synonymous or Probably Legendary?

The differences between the two sectors are large, with education being the main difference. All physicians holding a medical degree have the ability to perform aesthetic surgery, even if they are not specialized in plastic surgery. Also, from country to country the patterns of specialization for plastic surgery differ. The international certification standard sets ISAPS exclusively for plastic surgeons who meet the highest standards of qualifications and skills, respecting the code of ethics and continuing education.

The first plastic surgeon in front of you is not always the ideal! Do your research!

Choosing the right surgeon requires proper research and patience. Do not choose the first plastic surgeon you will find in front of you because you do not have the appetite to look for more! Choose the surgeon who will have great experience in the procedure you wish to do! Through the ISAPS list you can easily find the right surgeons worldwide.

Breast augmentation is a risky process or is it another myth?

The first surgeries of implants in the breasts often had complications and this myth came from. Since then, many medical investigations have been conducted and show that breast augmentation is not associated with any disorder or disease, such as breast cancer. In addition, a woman who has been breast-fed is allowed to breastfeed without any side effects and with success.

Is Weight Loss the Right Reason for Liposuction?

In almost all cases, the plastic surgeon will suggest the patient to lose weight before undergoing liposuction. after the loss of extra pounds the surgery will be done more successfully. Cellulite is also not effectively treated by liposuction. On the contrary, the problem may be more visible by removing fat cells.

It is a myth that vanity is the only reason for plastic surgery.

There is certainly a big difference in wanting to feel beautiful with your body and being “vain”. Plastic surgeons, besides shaping the body well, help the patient to have a pleasant image for himself, which also means a happier life! When our appearance reflects our inner security and youth, then the benefit, both physical and psychological, is great.

The mistake of considering plastic surgery an expensive process

The large percentage of people doing plastic surgery every year is the great proof that plastic surgery is not yet a privilege for the rich. Technology in medicine has progressed so that there are many alternatives covering a wide range of prices. Botox, for example, is a very affordable treatment and can be bought in a package to save money. Also, many plastic surgeons allow the patient to make the payment in various ways, such as in installments. Many patients choose to do their surgery abroad because of the lower cost of medical supplies and equipment.

The myth of the theory that plastic surgery is a female privilege

Botox, as well as face lift, are interventions that are very common in both sexes. Also, there are more men than women who tend to do rhinoplasty but also reduce their breasts. In the process of penis elongation, more and more men are being subjected.

The mistake of waiting for perfection

During the first visit to the plastic surgeon, you and your doctor should understand the reasons you want to undergo plastic surgery, and if these reasons are healthy and the results you expect, realistically. You should be prepared for any scars that may occur after surgery, although the surgery has been developed enough to minimize such undesirable effects. It is good to wait a little change for the better, which will give you a safer and healthier perspective on life and not a transformation.
It is very important to know what plastic surgery is and what it is not. More knowledge will help you to get

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