Autologous fat plastic surgery is one of the most modern cosmetic surgery procedures. The fear of complications is very low compared to silicone and other artificial materials. This is because the body does not treat fat as a foreign body. Some recent studies by researchers have shown that fat contains a large number of stem cells, which help in the development of new tissues. On this basis, fat can be transplanted from one problematic point of the body into another to achieve reconstructive and corrective interventions.

The method: First we find at which point in the patient’s body there is excess fat to export. Then the adipose tissue is removed using a special cannula and then treated to be purified from the unnecessary cells and blood. Finally, after being isolated, place it in the desired spot using an injection.

Points of application: The points where we can go into autologous fat plastic are not just the body, such as buttocks and breasts, but even on the face.

Autologous fat on the face

Autologous fat is the right method to fill the wrinkles around the eyes, between the eyebrows and around the mouth. In addition, using autologous fat can give volume and emphasize cheekbones, correct the shape on the chin or increase the volume on the lips.

Breast enlargement with fat

Breast augmentation is the ideal choice to increase volume and improve the shape. It also improves gloss on the skin of the area and has an absolutely natural effect without surgical incisions.


Autologous fat on the buttock can correct the shape and give volume to problem areas. Autologous fat has the capacity to fully adapt and maintain its characteristics because the body does not perceive it as a foreign body. Growing buttocks with fat do not cause skin irregularities and cellulite while the patient does not feel the fat as if it were a bulge.

Combination with other interventions

Plastic with autologous fat can be combined with several other interventions to achieve the best possible result. Liposuction can also occur from the thighs or some other problem area and put on the chest. The procedure is quite specialized and should always be done by plastic surgeons with great experience. Plastic surgeon Georgios Tsakonis is at your disposal to answer your questions about the operation.

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