Our clinic

Our clinic is housed in the heart of Peristeri, in a very pleasant environment for the visitor.

It includes reception and waiting areas designed with care and respect for you and your comfortable stay.

Treatments are made in state-of-the-art laboratories, hospitable for our clients. The clinic’s operating room is equipped with state-of-the-art technology to provide maximum safety and the best result during surgery.

We are proud to offer the most complete solutions of plastic surgery available to date, covering your aesthetic needs. We invite you to visit our office so that we can help you.

We are specialized

We are specialized in both remedial and aesthetic interventions. Because each patient is unique, with different needs and personal preferences, we provide personalized care and attention. Using non-invasive and / or surgical procedures, we try to achieve the best desired result. Whether it’s your body, face or skin, you can trust us.






Ενέσιμες Θεραπείες

Η βλεφαροπλαστική Plasma είναι μία ανώδυνη και εύκολη θεραπεία, με την οποία μπορείτε να επιστρέψετε άμεσα στις καθημερινές σας δραστηριότητες. Είναι ιδανική λύση για όλους όσους φοβούνται τις τομές και τα ράμματα, αφού με την θεραπεία αυτή μπορούμε να αποκαταστήσουμε άμεσα τις ατέλειες γύρω από τα μάτια.