Facelift for Men

Were there any mornings, waking and see the reflection of your face in the mirror and reminisce of old good times? Do you suddenly feel that time has passed quickly over you, leaving its marks? And the little wrinkles around the mouth are no longer so small? The whole situation makes the bags a little worse under the tired eyes.

Surely women cover the highest rate of visits to the plastic surgeon. However, in recent years, increasing men’s interest in improving the appearance of their face is great. The demands of society to look shining and beautiful in our day-to-day meetings, as well as the need for renewal, challenge thought: what could I do to feel young again?

Feel young again

At first, think that many men around you, have the same thought. More and more people dare to express it and begin to take care of themselves. Injectable therapies are wrongly considered a female affair. A grueling day at work, leaves fatigue to be imprinted on your face, but the next customer has requirements. Growing up, fallen eyelids and facial relaxation make our tired picture more noticeable. The good news is that you now have a choice!
The main reason men are taking plastic surgery is their need to look strong, competitive and young in their professional career. So, as more and more are hunting the top, they tend to increase the plastic surgery rate by 10% each year. Improving their external appearance externalizes their inner strength.

The male facelift vs the female

If you are interested in the facelift, now is the right time for a complete update around it. Facelift is an operation that make the face and throat as new, removing relaxation and deep wrinkles. The surgeon’s assessment is that the procedure will last 45 minutes to 1 hour longer than the female. This is because the skin in the man is thicker than in the woman, as well as the beard area makes the process more difficult.

Because the incisions are near the ear and usually the area is shaved the marks are much more visible. If your hair is sparse or there is baldness, the surgeon will have difficulty hiding the scars, but in the hands of a good plastic you do not have to fear anything since it will eventually find the right way to camouflage them.

Bleached facelift

The alternative for you who do not want to do surgery is the “wet facelift” that is now very widespread. Most women use injections to restore the lost volume to their face and keep the result for years. Contemporary men choose these procedures without any reservation. Easily available methods are Restylane, Botox and Sculptra.

When men like their appearance, they feel confident, strong and able to conquer the world. The choices they have to combat the signs of times such as baldness, skin loosening and wrinkles are many. Once you decide to change your appearance, contact and book with a good plastic surgeon, and show how young you feel. Plastic surgeon Georgios Tsakonis will propose the most suitable solution for you!

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