Men Blepharoplasty

Look young again

If, over the years, you look tired, wrinkled and loose in the upper eyelid or under the eyes, then blepharoplasty gives you the solution. It is one of the most widespread anti-aging treatments that renews the look and thwarts the fatigue of the past. It eliminates signs of aging around the eyes. The degree of success of surgery depends on age, skin type, heredity, and certainly the surgeon’s craftsmanship.

Who is a suitable candidate?

Do the bags under your eyes add you more years? Do you experience difficulty in your vision due to the loose skin in the upper eyelid? If the answer above is yes, then you are definitely a suitable candidate.

What is not corrected by blepharoplasty?

Wrinkles around the eyes or otherwise the leg of the goose are not corrected successfully with blepharoplasty. Also, the very thin wrinkles on the eyelids do not disappear, also dropped eyebrows do not get up. Finally, black circles may be less obvious, but may or may not. If you want a correction to the above points, then another plastic surgery should be used in conjunction with blepharoplasty

Preparing for surgery

Prior to surgery, the plastic should have a complete history of the patient with problems he has experienced in his eyes. The patient will also be asked not to consume certain medications to avoid bleeding after surgery. On the scheduled day of blepharoplasty, the patient must not eat 8 hours before surgery.


The anesthesia administered is local for the upper eyelid and general or drowsiness of the lower eyelid.

After surgery

The patient returns home on the same day. There is little pain that simply disappears with analgesics. For about two weeks, bruising or swelling will be obvious, but using ice will decrease faster and you will be able to get back to work. Stitches are removed after five days. The final results appear to be complete within 3 to 6 weeks.

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