Men Nose Job

Nose Job – An operation without gender

Nose job is used to repair any problems of the nasal cavity involving both malformations and nose dysfunctions.

Many are people who, for aesthetic or functional reasons, would like to have a nose job surgery. They hesitate, however, because of the misconceptions and misinformation prevalent in a large part of the population. Thus, they are forced to feel bad, to suffer, to be compatible with an image that does not satisfy them and ultimately to live less qualitatively.

People, especially men with problems in the nasal cavity, having difficulty breathing, or the size and shape of their nose do not satisfy them, often do not decide to make a nose job. The main reasons are the fear of pain, the unsuccessful outcome, and the opinion of their relatives. In fact, however, they are not subjected to a plastic nose because of the lack of information.

Although most patients looking for the best appearance on their nose are women, nose job is not a female privilege. In our time, more and more men are choosing plastic in the nose, wanting to be more beautiful, especially when the look gives us in many cases a ticket for success.

Who is the right candidate for nose job?

People who are suitable for nose job are those who have:

  • Respiratory problems
  • sleep apnea and snoring
  • disturbances in the sense of smell
  • features on their nose that do not satisfy them

At what age can you get a nose job?

Men over the age of 18 may, if they wish, have a nose job. The surgery should not be done earlier because the visceral development of the skull has not been completed. Under no circumstances should the physiological function of the diaphragm and the osteoplastic zones in the nasal bones be disturbed. Finally, the candidate must be sure he wants to change his appearance. It is also important to find the plastic surgeon that inspires the necessary confidence. There is no age limit if the patient’s physical condition allows surgery.

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