Gynecomastia for Men


Gynecomastia is the most common disorder in the breast of a man. There is a swelling of fat around the breast and mass of the gland. In addition, there is a great correlation of the age and appearance of gynecomastia. It occurs very often during puberty and infancy, and is almost non-existent in childhood. It is common to appear due to an endocrine disease, but it may also be a side effect of a toxic substance or medication.

The surgery of gynecomastia

Plastic Surgeons recommend surgery to correct gynecomastia in order to reduce the hypertrophic male breast. The procedure can be done by liposuction and remove the above-mentioned massive gland by making a microscopic section of the mammary halo. If the degree of the problem is greater then it is necessary to remove skin. And in this case, the incisions will almost be invisible, since they are located around the area of ​​the mammal halo. After surgery, the smoothness of the chest is restored and the appearance of the nipple is corrected.

Recovery & Results

The overall improvement of the male appearance, the regain of good psychology and the better quality of life offered by the gynecomastia surgery, rank it in the most popular male plastic surgeries. The duration of the surgery is one to two hours. The patient is subjected to general anesthesia and in most cases he can return to his home the same day. It takes three days to one week to return to work, two to three weeks for full activity safely, and one month for a full resuscitation and recovery of edema. This operation has a lasting effect and greatly enhances your self-confidence.

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