This kind of Lifting process has several names, but with a common basic feature, the thread or PDO Threads. With the use of threads we can improve and refresh the face without the need for surgery. These special threads are placed under the skin with a very fine needle, lifting the desired points.

The use of threads

Threads are made of a special material called polydioxanone. They are used for many years in aesthetic plastic and have the capacity to be absorbed by the body itself.

In addition, they relax the tendons and facial muscles, while at the same time significantly increasing the production of elastin, hyaluronate and collagen. That is, they promote the production of all the essential ingredients of skin regeneration.

What is the process?

Special face threads are inserted subcutaneously using a thin needle. Always in relation to the area of ​​treatment, the yarns can be placed under the skin, in the fat tissue, or in the facial muscles. The results are immediate, however the final picture is visible in just a few days. The condition of the epidermis continues to improve, the skin becomes tighter and the wrinkles are reduced.

What is the duration of the result?

The threads (PDO Threads) are absorbed by the body in about 8 months, but the results may in some cases last up to 2 years.

What are the main points of application?

Face threads are a very flexible process. They can be applied around the face, around the nose, the eyes, the forehead, even the throat.

What you need to know

The surgery is done with local anesthesia. After the procedure there is a possibility of small bruising in the area, but this depends on how each person’s organism reacts. Plastic surgeon Georgios Tsakonis is at your disposal to answer any questions you may have about facial hair.

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