What is Aqualyx injectable lipodispersion?

Aqualyx injectable lipodilution is an injectable treatment for the topical dissolution of fat. It is suitable for men and women and is a completely safe non-surgical procedure. It targets all problematic areas that accumulate unnecessary fat. In the process, we use an acid produced by our body for burning fat for the same purpose. This material is injected into the adipose tissue subcutaneously, using flexible and fine needles. The treatment is almost painless, and we can minimize pain simply by using a special local anesthetic cream.

Aqualyx injectable lipodispersion is not a type of mesotherapy as many believe wrongly. Injectable lipodilution is placed in much deeper layers of mesotherapy, directly into the adipose tissue. In addition, the entry points of the formulation are much less than mesotherapy. Aqualyx injections contain a special slow-release solution, which belongs to the deoxycholic acid family. This active substance causes instability in the cellular barrier and rupture, resulting in the release of some fatty acids stored in the adipocytes. The consequence is that due to body defense, cellular debris is removed from the body itself. In addition, all unbound adipocytes are converted into energy.

Body areas where Aqualyx is applied

Several times diet and physical exercise can not effectively deal with local fat. Aqualyx injections act locally by adhering to the adipocytes, releasing acids, and fat disappearing. This treatment can be applied anywhere in the body. More specifically, it can dissolve local fat in:


  • Double Chan
  • Buttocks & Inner thighs
  • Hips & Knees
  • Belly
  • Hands
  • Lipomasty & Pseudo-gynecomastia

After Aqualyx Therapy

After the Aqualyx therapy, redness and a slight swelling often occur, but they are perfectly normal. They resolve after a few days on their own, or with the use of some anti-inflammatory medication. The treated area for a few days should be protected to avoid unintended infections. Also, for a 12-hour period, it would be good to avoid extensive exposure to the sun.

The number of sessions required depends directly on the area of application and the magnitude of the problem. Usually 2 to 4 sessions are required, which are done every 20 days. The results are apparent from the first session, of course after the edema and redness have subsided. At the end of the treatment, the results are really impressive. To maintain the result and between sessions, combine with exercise, proper nutrition and drink plenty of water.

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