Summer comes and time to take off your wardrobe summer clothes and swimsuits is coming too! More body parts will be revealed for which some are not very … proud! This season is enough to increase the visits to plastic surgeons in order to acquire in a record time the the body they want. It’s not just the rich and famous, they’re all “ticking” in their appearance, but also for everyday people who have embraced visits to plastic.

“Indeed, in the spring, people’s psychology changes a lot and they want to do things for themselves in the face of the summer. I accept a lot of visits to my surgery from many well-known personalities who are looking for a natural result, “says plastic surgeon Giorgos Tsakonis to” Espresso “and adds:” There are of course many women, simple and everyday, coming in this period either for liposculpture or breast augmentation, which has been the number one in demand for several years “!

Method of lipotransposition

What makes a particular impression on the development of plastic surgery research is the process where even our own fat can be removed from a point where … is left over and placed at another point where there may be a empty, unobtrusive “dent” on a face or body. Mr. Tsakonis explains: “It’s the method of lipotransposition. Essentially, a fat transplant occurs. Autologous fat is removed and after special treatment we put it in another part of the body, which needs aesthetic improvement. Thus, even signs of accidents, wrinkles, loosening, lips, cheekbones can be covered, and of course it is also used in the breast augmentation. Fat injections can be made on the face even to correct the shape of the nose when there is a dent. ”

Not only are women interested in their appearance. And men are busy, and what breaks down at this time is the reduction in their chest, the so-called gynecomastia. “It’s usually genetically,” says the plastic surgeon, and concludes: “Even those without a weight problem may have this image. So imagine how much their aesthetic restoration can improve their psychology when they come out on the beach in the summer. “

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