What xanthelasmas are?

When talking about xanthelasmas, we mean a condition of the skin, in which appear fatty yellow plaques of a certain size, beneath the epidermis and above the eyelids. These are concentrated lipids, locally under the skin, usually seen next to the nose in the area above and below the eyelids.

There are many cases where the image is accompanied by a high lipid count and blood. Thus, patients suffering from xanthelasmas should often undergo blood tests to control triglyceride and cholesterol levels.

These lesions on the skin are not predisposed to malignancy and do not cause itching or pain. With the passage of time their situation is evolving. Symptoms do not leave alone. Instead, they recur and tend to grow in number and size. Typically, vision or functionality on the patient’s eyelid is not affected. It is rare for the eyelid to fall. The reason for their treatment is purely aesthetic.

It is preferable to treat the xanthelasmas while they are still in their early stages and their size is small as this will make the treatment process easier but also the finer result more beautiful.

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