Facial Threads

Face and body threads are a new sophisticated bloodless method whereby we achieve the effect of lifting without using a lance. When the years go by, the connective tissue of the skin on the body and the face gradually falls. New medical techniques have managed to deal effectively and permanently with the invasive method of threads. So there is the way to make our face youthful without having to make a full facelift and alter the features of our face. The solution is the PDO face threads.

Facial Threads – The Method

Threads are an innovative technology of slow absorption sutures. While staying inside the skin they achieve a truly impressive result. This bloodless type of lifting, tightens connective tissues and stimulates collagen production. Facial Threads are a bloodless, fast, completely safe and painless aesthetic surgery. It is a completely affordable and flexible method of rejuvenation and does not cause scars on the skin.

Threads  – Process

Face and body threads are specially placed in the desired areas and under the skin. So it is not visible at all. By using them we achieve the recovery of the desired area. The threads are absorbed by the body, the method is painless and you can return to your activities immediately after surgery. The plastic surgeon Dr. Tsakonis is at your disposal for any questions about facial and body threads.

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