Rhinoplasty can improve your appearance and the proportion of your nose.


Rhinoplasty has as its main objective to improve not only the appearance but also the functionality of the nose. It is one of the most frequent surgical procedures in the world, as well as in Greece. Nose is perhaps one of the most basic features of a person. Its position plays a key role in the balance of the face, while contributing to overall aesthetic harmony. If the shape and size of your nose is a cause for you to feel psychologically depressed, rhinoplasty is the ideal solution. In addition, it is the appropriate operation if there are deformities due to an injury or an accident.

Appropriate age

Rhinoplasty can improve your appearance and the proportion of your nose. It can enhance the harmony of your face and give you your lost self-confidence. The purpose of the surgery is to aesthetically improve the nose so that it blends harmoniously with the other features of your face. Rhinoplasty can be done by men and women after their physical development is complete. This means that the appropriate age for men is 18 years of age, and for women after the age of 16.

Rhinoplasty – More specifically

With the surgery of rhinoplasty we can reduce or even increase the size of a nose. In addition, we can correct any defect in the nose body or nose end. It is also possible to correct the size of the nostrils, the angle between the upper lip and the nose or even to restore birth or other post-traumatic malformations. The procedure is also an ideal solution for dealing with breathing problems caused by a crooked diaphragm.

Rhinoplasty – The surgery

The duration of the surgery is approximately one to three hours, depending on the problem the patient is experiencing. The surgery is usually done after general anesthesia, but in some special cases it can be done with local anesthesia and drunkenness. The surgery is now classified as a routine surgery. It’s definitely an impressive result, and because of all the new techniques, you do not have to move away from your everyday life for over 2-3 days. For more information about rhinoplasty do not hesitate to contact Dr. George Tsakonis.

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