Otoplasty has immediate and highly impressive results. it is considered as a relatively short plastic surgery procedure, which can be done with local anesthesia. With this method we can restore the ears to the correct position and improve their shape. Spent ears occur in males and females due to proliferation of the helix, anthelia or conch. These cases are divided into:

  • Abdominopathy or Smallpox – It is the prosthesis of the ear blades
  • Throwing lobes
  • Large niche in the ear flaps

Otoplasty – About surgery

We can proceed to otoplasty after the full development of the ear. This means that the ideal age is around 10 years. The surgery is performed with a cut of about 3-4 cm, which is done at the back of the ear, so that it is not visible. In some rare cases, the incision can also be made in front of the ear to deal with some special problems. After the incision, we proceed to correct the shape of the cartilage and make stitches to keep it in the new desired position until it heals.

The duration of the procedure is about 1-3 hours. After surgery, we cover ears with special patches and elastic bandage for about three to five days and do not need to stay in the clinic. The whole process is done with backscatter so that the scars remain hidden in the physical aspect. The sutures we use are absorbable by the body and will not need to be cut.

The results are immediately visible and have been observed to have a huge impact on the psychology of both adults and children, since it significantly helps their self-confidence and self-esteem.

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