Facial Mesotherapy

What is Facial Mesotherapy?

Facial Mesotherapy is most used to improve facial skin. It is one of the most common anti-aging therapies for the neck and face.

Cases for which mesotherapy is recommended are the treatment of wrinkles, skin aging of the sun and photoaging. As a result, it has revitalization (neck, face, hands, neckline), prevention and reduction of wrinkles and deep hydration.

Depending on the problem that needs to be dealt with and the personalized needs of the individual, the patient can choose between materials and substances that will be introduced into the skin.

What does it contain?

The main ingredients commonly used are vitamins such as A, C, E, B3, B5, B6 etc., hyaluronic acid, amino acids, growth factors, peptides, nucleotides – nucleosides,

During mesotherapy, the metabolism of the treated areas is activated and at the same time stimulation of the normal production of elastin and collagen occurs. In addition, hydration of the skin is enhanced due to water retention by collagen molecules.

Depending on the treatment we choose, the results are different and are usually visible after the third session. If combined with good nutrition and exercise, their duration is longer.

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