Facial laser

Face Laser

The facial laser gives your skin its lost vigor. Over the years, the facial skin gets loose, wrinkles appear and in many cases its color changes. Facial Laser is considered one of the most effective non-invasive solutions that helps in the treatment of skin problems. Some of these are the improvement of skin texture, wrinkles, color tone, acne, and collagen production.

Face Laser – What It Does

With the facial laser we can regenerate the skin and get rid of dead or aged cells by replacing them with new ones. Also with this treatment, we increase the production of elastin and collagen. We can eliminate discolorations, blemishes and fine wrinkles as well as improve enlarged pores and scars. After the sessions the skin looks bright and youthful and the face refreshed. The facial laser can be comfortably combined with a variety of therapies so that we achieve the best possible aesthetic result.

The sessions you will need are determined by Dr. Tsakonis, after the necessary dermatoscopy. The duration of each session varies from 10 to 20 minutes and the treatment is totally painless. After treatment, the skin may have a slight redness that subsides after a few hours. The plastic surgeon Dr. George Tsakonis is at your disposal to answer any question you have about the facial laser.

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