Breast reduction

Breast reduction

Breast reduction is a plastic surgery, which gives an immediate solution to the problem of megalomastia. By the term megalomastia, we describe the over-normal swelling of the breasts, that is breast hypertrophy. In addition to the problem in appearance, large breast also cause several pathological symptoms. The large weight and size of the breast can cause pain in the neck, waist and shoulders. Recent research has also shown that large breast size is associated with chronic headaches due to the wrong posture. This type of plastic surgery can be performed at any age without any problems and with very satisfactory results.

Unlike breast augmentation, this surgery is aimed at reducing the size of the breasts. The operation is aimed at removing the fat and mass of the breast and then removing the excess skin. The nipple is then moved to the highest point to achieve the ideal visual result.

The procedure

Before breast surgery, a breast ultrasound or a mammogram screening is required. The type of examination depends on the medical history, the age of the patient and the results of the clinical examination. The duration of the procedure is about 2-3 hours and is done after general anaesthesia. The technique we choose depends on the needs of each occasion. In recent years, breast reduction methods have evolved rapidly, resulting in a significant reduction in postoperative scarring as well as aesthetic effect.

In most cases, the incision is made around the nipple, and a second one descends from the nipple vertically to the crease that exists beneath the breasts. At the point of the undercut there is another horizontal incision, creating an inverted T. In most cases the sutures we use are internal and absorbable by the body. In addition, to avoid the creation of a hematoma, we place 2 thin drains. which we remove the next day of the surgery. Breast reduction may well be combined with other aesthetic interventions such as liposuction, so that we have a harmonious overall effect. Your stay in the hospital is usually only one day.

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