Breast plastic surgery

What is Breast Plastic Surgery

Breast surgery is one of the most popular plastic surgeries in the world. The purpose of surgery is breast augmentation, reduction or improvement of the shape. Breast was always be seen as the symbol of femininity. This is also the main reason that several women may have reduced confidence if they do not have the ideal breast size or shape. As plastic surgeon George Tsakonis mentions us. “This is also the case for women who have done mastectomy, women with asymmetric breasts and in case of a fallen breast after pregnancy or a lot of weight loss.” It is remarkable how much self-esteem can be improved after breasts surgery in such cases. So every woman can now get the chest she always wanted and improve her appearance and her psychology.

Breast Plastic surgery – Before & After

Breast Enhancement

Breast augmentation is usually done in cases where there is a very small breast or when the breast has contracted after breastfeeding. According to ISAPS, the International Society of Cosmetic Plastic Surgery, breast augmentation accounts for 16% of plastic surgery. 90% of these were made with silicone inserts, the others with lipotransfer and with saline inserts. With breast enhancement we see the difference immediately, but it takes a few weeks for the breast to get its final shape. The shape can be improved and the size increased using approved materials such as silicone inserts, which are made of silicone internally and externally. Special saline inserts, consisting of saline in the interior and silicone on the outside. What to Know:

  • Hospitalization for breast augmentation lasts one day
  • There is the possibility of feeling small twitching or mild pain for about 48 hours
  • After the surgery you should avoid intense movements of the chest muscles for about 15 days
  • You must use a bra to stabilize the inserts for about 1 month

Breast Reduction

Breast reduction is achieved by removing a portion of the fatty tissue and the mammary gland of the chest. This procedure is performed in women who have very large breasts and are associated with breast megalomastia. Breast reduction is not only for aesthetic reasons, but also for functional. The weight of the chest causes long-term problems in the spine and it becomes a great burden for a woman’s everyday activities. In addition, when the breast is large, it makes palpation more difficult to find tumors. This reduces the chances of early diagnosis of breast cancer. What you should know:

  • The surgery lasts for about 3-4 hours.
  • Hospitalisation lasts for 1 day and the sutures are removed in about 2 weeks
  • Permanent effect if you don’t have a large weight change in the future

Breast Anorthosis

Breast lift is done in cases where the chest has a sharp drop. This is based on the relationship of the underlying aspect to the position of the nipple. The surgery is similar to breast reduction, but in this case only skin and not fatty tissue is removed from the inside of the chest. The breast in this way tightens and comes in the right position. What should be known:

  • Breast lift surgery lasts about 2 hours
  • Treatment duration 1 day
  • Removal of sutures takes about 12 days
  • You can go back to your work after a few days
  • In the breast lift a vertical incision starts from the nipple and ends in the submaximum and around the nipple

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