Laser epilator

Laser epilator

Laser Epilator for unwanted Hair is the best solution to the problem. In addition to the aesthetic piece, if hair is not treated properly it can cause quite a few unwanted skin problems. This is because several methods of temporary hair removal, such as epilating tapes, razors, wax and depilatory creams, can cause:

  • irritation to the skin
  • local inflammation
  • folliculitis
  • creating spider veins in the area
  • worsening hair growth
  • color disturbances

New Generation Laser

The procedure with the use of third-generation medical epilation laser is the only recommended depilatory treatment. It is the ideal method to get rid of unwanted hair once and for all. Either for medical or cosmetic reasons, laser is the ideal choice. Laser hair removal is addressed to women and men of all ages. It is particularly effective for the facial area, legs, armpits, back and chest. It can give permanent solution to any area with undesirable hair growth, with only a few sessions. It is the safest and most effective way to get rid of the problem permanently.

How Does Laser Hair Removal Work?

Laser hair removal emits a beam of light that causes necrosis of the bulb. The beam is absorbed by the hair melanin at its root, without damaging the skin. After 16 years, one can proceed to this kind of depilation without any problems. It is ideal for any type of skin, whether it is dark or white and is completely painless. All you feel is a small tweak, as the laser delivers cool cold air and cools the spot in order to relieve you.

The sessions you need depend on the area, density and quality of the hair, as well as some other factors such as hormonal disorders and heredity. The pouches are destroyed and thus the results with laser hair removal are permanent and visible from the first sessions. The hairs are becoming thinner and thinner until they gradually become aroused and disappear.

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