Calves Augmentation

Calves Augmentation

Calves augmentation is a method ideal for many women with asymmetric legs. Women’s legs are definitely one of the points that draw men’s eyes. With this surgery we can increase the volume in the calves and give the desired symmetry. Calves augmentation can greatly improve the image in asymmetric and crooked legs with great success.

Bodybuilding athletes are usually subjected to this type of plastic surgery when they can not get the desirable volume due to their construction. Also, the calves augmentation is suitable for people suffering from bifurcation, poliomyelitis and Reyopopodia.

Calf augmentation – Procedure

During surgery, we remove fat from body parts that have excess amount. Some possible points from which we can get fat are belly, buns, arms, even knees. This fat is then added homogeneously to the patient’s legs. The whole process can be done with two different techniques depending on the result we want:

  • By using fat from your own body as we mentioned, namely lipoplasty
  • Placement of special silicone inserts, after making a thin section of a few centimeters in the skin behind the knee. Hyaluronic acid is then added to achieve perfect symmetry.

The plastic surgeon Dr. George Tsakonis is at your disposal for any questions and clarification regarding the operation.

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