Buttock anorthosis

Buttock anorthosis

Thigh & Buttock anorthosis from plastic surgeon George Tsakonis. It is a very common phenomenon, knees, thighs and calves being distorted due to local fat. This can be attributed to lack of physical activity, some hormonal disorders and excessive and frequent diets. Another key problem is the excessive loosening of the skin that can occur in the thighs and knees, from the very sudden weight loss.

Methods for tightening of thighs and buttocks

Thigh and buttock anorthosis can be achieved in the following ways:

  • adding silicone inserts.
  • prosthetic fat from some other area of ​​your body.
  • injection of hyaluronic acid into the problematic area with the MACROLANE technique, which gives us an absolutely natural result.

Each of the prior techniques certainly has its advantages and disadvantages. The ideal thing is to discuss with your plastic surgeon and choose the technique that’s right for you.

Thigh Anorthosis – Results

By thighs anorthosis on their inner surface, we can correct any skin loosening. For a beautiful effect, we make all the incisions on the natural skin folding so that they are not visible. Some of these are gluteal folds in the case of buttock recurrence and the femoral aspect for thigh recoil.

All interventions are performed after general anesthesia. Your stay in the clinic is not necessary, however it requires special attention for about 10 days to absorb the sutures.

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