Do i need breast reduction?

Plastic surgeon, George Tsakonis, talks about breast reduction and the benefits of this type of surgery. Have you ever wondered what answer you will get if you ask the people around you what they know about plastic breasts? They are most likely to answer that they know breast implants or increase. Breast augmentation belongs to the most popular procedures of plastic surgery, with more than 1,500,000 interventions in 2018/2019. Also very popular is year by year and breast reduction. Famous women, such as Queen Latifah and Ariel Winter, who reduced the size of their breasts, made many more women understand how positively breast reduction could affect their lives.

Reasons for breast reduction

The reasons for a woman to go breast reduction may be either aesthetic or because of health problems. Many women have a big chest. Especially those with a smaller body shape feel its weight as a very large load. Thus they are significantly burdened on the shoulders, neck and back. The very large chest is capable of irritating the skin on the underside of the breast. It can also cause serious respiratory problems. In most women with too much chest, even the best bra does not provide the necessary support, which negatively affects their everyday life!

In some women, it does not like the size, shape, or asymmetry of the breasts, but also non-stability. Thus, they reduce for aesthetic reasons. With breast reduction surgery, shape and size can be reshaped, which increases confidence and gives more comfort to the woman’s everyday life.

Breast reduction surgery is an absolutely safe procedure for aesthetic surgery. The fact that it is a safe operation does not mean that it is a simple intervention. For this reason, if you decide to breastfeeding, talk to a plastic surgeon who you absolutely trust to do the procedure properly.

The procedure of breast reduction

Most people think that reducing breast is the opposite process of growth. In reality, however, these two interventions have great differences. Breast reduction is the surgery that removes the above skin and adipose tissue. The techniques commonly used are two and are discussed below.

“Reverse T”

In this method, three incisions are created, forming a T: One starts from the nipple and extends to the breast, the other is on the underside of the breast and a third incision is made along the nipple’s edge. This method is recommended, especially in cases of asymmetry or relaxation, and has the best results for breast resorption and reduction.

The Vertical Breast Reduction Method

Women who want to make a small reduction in their breast size usually use this technique. Here are two incisions, one of which is under the nipple and the other around the hip. This method is less effective in removing large amounts of breast tissue, but leaves fewer scars.

In cases where a woman wishes a slight decrease in her breast, she may also choose to lose liposuction. With liposuction, adipose tissue will be removed, and this will consequently reduce breast size.

Breast reduction surgery is a plastic surgery that inevitably leaves signs. Year after year, the scars will be less visible, but they will never leave completely. Today there are some available laser solutions that are able to reduce scars. Before taking any surgery, it is important to check with your plastic surgeon about the options available for the best possible visual result.


After surgery, the patient wears a surgical bra to return home. Most likely it is the first time after the surgery to have a little discomfort and pain. Pain killers will help the situation. After a few days you will be able to get back to work, but you have to watch your activities for about a month to cure the web easier.

Breast reduction belongs to plastic surgeries that leave patients more satisfied. Women who have had a breast reduction experience a very large difference in their quality of life. Many are the ones who remember the sense of body they had in teenage years. If you decide to do this, contact a plastic surgeon who you trust and has expertise on the subject. For more information, please contact us daily


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