A younger body and face are promised by brand new methods of plastic surgery. The new breast augmentation techniques and bo.tox, are part of autologous growth factors. After the summer’s suffering from the sun and the sea, our skin that looks tired and dull, asks for its lost glow. By the end of the summer, those who want to correct imperfections on their body and face are the right time to do so. The plastic surgeon Georgios Tsakonis informs us about the new methods of aesthetic medicine that are made with the help of the new technology.

Alternative platelet-based bo.tox

A new method of transferring autologous blood growth factors to the skin of the patient promises better results in wrinkle smoothing than the other methods used so far.

“By transferring growth factors of the same organism to the facial skin, the production of elastin and collagen increases. In this way, the skin improves and growth factors act as anti-aging. ”

The process

The procedure is simple and applies to the plastic surgeon’s surgery. This is a blood sampling, just like in general blood tests. Blood centrifugation is then performed, platelet isolation and growth factors. During the same visit, liquid growth factors, with an injection, are transferred to the face at the points to be treated. There may be a need for a repeat within 3-6 months.

The method has been proven to be safe and the results last for up to a year and a half. The specifications of this technique, of course, are for a four-year period.

The main advantages of the “bo.tox” technique with growth factors are the following:

The results are better

The duration of the results is longer
The material used is derived from the patient’s body
The method of transferring autologous growth factors could be combined with classical bo.tox injections. People suffering from immunosuppression or suffering from autoimmune diseases are not allowed to undergo this procedure.

Stem cells

Another method recently applied abroad in clinical studies is the use of stem cells. By this method stem cells are taken from the patient’s fat, and after being centrifuged, they are transported in liquid form on their face. Then, they differentiate and convert to collagen or fibroblast production cells.

Breast augmentation without lance

Many women dream of increasing the size of their breasts, which today thanks to a new method can be performed without surgery. Our plastic surgeons talk about macrolane, which is hyaluronic acid in the form of an injectable gel and used to increase the size of the breast. This method does not require total anesthesia and is therefore considered non-invasive. Using local anesthesia, making a small incision under the breast, introduces the material.

The duration of the process varies from 30 to 60 minutes. The patient returns to her activities directly, as she does not have time to recover. It is best to treat women who want a small breast enlargement and do not want surgery, but also for those who just want to give a nicer figure. Some bruising, swelling and contamination in the area are the possible complications of surgery. However, if the patient follows the doctor’s instructions and the surgeon correctly applies the method, the risk of complications is greatly reduced.

Macrolane may, in addition to the chest area, be used in buttocks, grooves, and even in the correction of lines left after liposuction.

Hyaluronic acid is found in our body, mainly in connective tissues and the epidermis. Macrolane originally appeared on the Swedish market in 2000. Its use was allowed in the European Commission countries in 2008 starting in England.

Lifting with injections

The widespread use of injectable implants and bo.toxes now enables facelifting to be done without the surgery. In recent years, as we know from conferences, the bo.tox has almost covered all facets, so we have a facial image of shorter duration.

The bo.tox is now used by plastic surgeons as follows:
It softens or neutralizes the wrinkles on the forehead, the goose leg, as well as those of the midsection. Lifts the eyebrows and to some extent improves relaxation in the neck skin. The bo.tox essentially makes the muscles that create the wrinkles under-perform and leaves the field free to the rest of the muscular competitors. This results in the face showing relaxed, fresh and wrinkled.
Under certain conditions, it may:
thinning the wrinkles of the lower eyelid if the clamp is not loosened. With a little trick you can easily see this.
makes the image of the mouth more beautiful, giving the patient a much brighter and expressive smile.
thinning the smoker’s wrinkles.
improve wrinkle wrinkles. For this process plastic must be experienced because the upper lip may fall.
narrows the line between the chin and the lower lip.
makes a slight lift of the tip of the nose.
Dry skin makes wrinkles on the cheeks more noticeable and the face looks like crumpled paper. Also, in the bones of the lower jaw (oval of the face), relaxation in the skin after some age is noticeable. So there is use of bo.tox, and by supplementing some injections at some points in the nose, we slightly correct the throat.

More about Bo.tox

The surgical facelift on the front now tends to be replaced by the bo.tox. There are many cases where, after a blepharoplasty, the patient is put on a bo.tox to enhance the effect of the surgery. Bo.tox can be combined with various facial treatments, such as mesotherapy, anti-aging laser, hyaluronic acid, and even lip enhancement.

The bo.tox is applied to the plastic surgeon’s surgery. The patient should not rub his face at the injection site for 4 hours after healing, not bend, stay upright or sit but not lie down and never consume aspirin or alcohol until the next day.

The duration of the treatment outcome is approximately six months and the results are apparent in two days to two weeks. After two weeks, it is advisable to recheck it to make sure the result is as expected, and otherwise treat it where it is needed. Usually, if six treatments are done, the results will last 10 months to 1 year until the next treatment.

The bo.tox is aimed at men and women between the ages of 30 and 65 and together with all injectable aesthetic treatments is forbidden during pregnancy or aftermath.

The radio frequencies in slimming

Radiofrequency contributes greatly to improving skin quality and slimming. Their use in aesthetic medicine is used to treat cellulite and burn fat, in various parts of the body and the face. In this method, heat is transferred under the skin, helping blood circulation to grow and with the help of heat the fat cells shrink. Still, fibroblasts are stimulated and produce more collagen.

The frequencies generated for the treatment of tightening using radio frequencies are of two kinds. Bipolar and monopolar. With bipolar tissue, the tissues are warmed more facially and are used more often in the neck or around the eyes. In monopolar, heat transfer becomes deeper and applies to areas such as cheeks. The plastic surgeon, as the case may be, will judge what kind of radio frequency will use to achieve the best possible result.

The method is applied to the face around the eye area to soothe fine wrinkles. Applying can also be done on the lower eyelid to reduce swelling. At the same time, it is used to improve the epidermal relaxation that occurs on the cheeks, the neck of the progression. It can also be used at the bottom of the arms. Radio frequencies also help to gain a flat stomach, thinner thighs and hips, as well as tightening our upper limbs.

During this procedure, the surgeon covers with the lubricant the area where the radio frequencies will be applied, and then passes over with the special head of the machine, continuously controlling the heat delivered to the skin. The treatment can be totally painless, thanks to the cooling mechanism on the state-of-the-art heads.

After the end of the treatment, there is a slight redness in the skin, which within the next 24 hours will have subsided. The duration of the procedure varies from 10 to 20 minutes and can be repeated after two weeks. Usually, they need from 5 to 8 sessions depending on how each skin responds, as well as the problem.

Combining skin regeneration using laser and radio frequency, is capable of delivering to the body and face, impressive results.

Restore breast without pain

After breast augmentation, a new technique enables rapid and pain free recovery. This method, which is very new, has a difference in the way the chest surgical procedure is applied. With this technique, the use of a lancet is restricted and in place a special tool that limits blood loss is used. The process does not leave bruises, so no bandages are needed. After the loss of blood irritates the body, causing pain, limiting it reduces the pain.

The method has been known in plastic surgery over the past year and experience is required from the surgeon to apply it. It immediately became widely accepted by the public, as everyone wants to invest in short periods to recover after surgery.

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