Nowadays, rhinoplasty is considered to be one of the most frequent plastic surgery, while at the same time it is the most misunderstood. Of course, valid and specialized information is the most important factor in success in all cosmetic interventions. This way you will realize if you really want to go to rhinoplasty and what to expect from the result. The choice of an experienced and skilled plastic surgeon is as you understand defining. We will then analyze the 5 most important points to which you have to pay particular weight before making a plastic nose.

Shape and nose function

In addition to appearance, there are several times when one needs to go to rhinoplasty for functional reasons. A very common of them is the crooked diaphragm. Of course, in most cases the plastic nose is done to correct the size or shape of the nose. Nose reduction, shape correction, straightening if it is crooked and probably bending correction are the most popular reasons for rhinoplasty. At the same time, plastic on the nose may have problems in breathing difficulty or can severely correct signs of an accident in the past.

The requirements in rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty is a fairly complex plastic surgery and requires a skilled and well-experienced surgeon. Because of the particular anatomy of the nose, the plastic must be able to give the proper shape. Only in this way will it be possible to achieve a perfectly natural result. The search for appropriate plastic should be based on years of experience in rhinoplasty and its expertise. The ideal choice will minimize the risk of complications during surgery and the risk of a bad result.

Personalized rhinoplasty

The ways rhinoplasty can be done will vary. The plastic surgeon will examine all your needs and will propose the best method for your case. Have him talk to him about the results you want and he, for his part, suggests the result that will fit perfectly with your personality features. He can also show you pictures of previous patient interventions to help you choose.

Health status

Before the plastic nose, the plastic surgeon will analyze your state of health and your medical history. It is a necessary procedure because your health is important for the successful outcome of the procedure. There are some conditions that may increase the likelihood of complications in rhinoplasty. So if your doctor deems it necessary, it will prevent you from doing surgery or will suggest that it be postponed.

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