Learn how Blepharoplasty can repair droopy eyelids and remove excess skin and fat around the eyes. Get a lively and youthful look now!


The most modern anti-aging method for the regeneration of the skin, as well as for volume increasement of any area of the body or face!


The goal of this treatment is to prevent and treat wrinkles, in a perfectly natural result!

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Plastic Surgery Georgios Tsakonis

Dr. Tsakonis and my associates, we have extensive experience in plastic surgery, after years of our work in the professional sector.

We guarantee the highest level of scientific care for the patient. The small or large imperfections of our body can now be corrected with modern medicine.

Learn from our website about the latest techniques applied in aesthetics up to the most modern methods of treatment.

We are at your service to thank you for the trust you have shown us over the years. Welcome to our site !!

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